Overview of Kerasoft fitting

This training area gives you the tools to fit the KeraSoft family of soft contact lenses.

To get started quickly with KeraSoft Thin, we have created a new Base Curve calculator using measurements from the Tangential topography map. This gives a reliable starting point for fitting and on eye lens assessment is demonstrated using the patented MoRoCCo technique. For more details go to the Fitting Guidance Page

The online video training gives a valuable overview of fitting irregular corneas with specialist soft contact lenses and is suitable for KeraSoft Thin as well as KeraSoft IC lenses.

The core modules describe the key fitting tools to help you fit the KeraSoft family of lenses.



Corneal Shape ClassificationCompleting The Fit
Initial lens selectionThe Periphery
Dynamic Assessment RoutineOrdering

ADVANCED FITTING (including Sector Management Control (SMC)):

Natural ectasiasPost-Surgical Corneas
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Make sense of keratoconus

To get an OVERVIEW of fitting all types of irregular corneas with the KeraSoft family of lenses, visit our online video training below. Or, if you just want to get started fitting KeraSoft Thin straight away with our new, improved fitting method, click GET STARTED.

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