About KeraSoft® Thin

Enjoy life to the full

For people with keratoconus, lifestyle often takes second place to ensuring they have the visual acuity necessary for work or driving. Rigid contact lens options can mean a compromise on comfort, leading to reduced wear time which generally has an impact on leisure activities.

KeraSoft® Thin delivers visual acuity comparable to that of rigid options with all day comfort that ensures all day wear, every day, whatever you want to do.

Easy to fit. Optimal comfort. Healthier eyes

Patient Testimonial (MB)

“Put someone in my shoes, running the business I run, struggling with your eyesight… a lot of people would get depressed and think “You’re going to have to call it a day”. “Luckily, I found KeraSoft and that has really helped me massively ever since.”

Patient Testimonial (GJ)

“When she put a trial lens on my eye over the KeraSoft –  I could actually see out of it! It was such an amazing thing to be able to see my daughters’ face which I couldn’t have done before…”

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