I wear gas permeable lenses, is KeraSoft® Thin for me?

For years, gas permeable (GP) lenses have been the most prescribed lens for patients that have irregular corneas, and if you are presently satisfied with the GP lenses you are wearing there may be no reason to change. However, some GP wearers may experience discomfort with their lenses. KeraSoft Thin is a new, all soft solution for keratoconus and irregular corneas which is customized to your individual needs. Discuss KeraSoft® Thin with your eye care professional to see if this lens is an option for you.

I use hybrid lenses – how is this different?

KeraSoft® Thin is made a 100% from soft lens materials. A hybrid lens is rigid in the middle with a soft “skirt” around the edge.

Can I wear KeraSoft® Thin all day?

Manufactured from high water content hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel materials, it provides all day comfort with vision comparable to other lens systems.

People who use KeraSoft® Thin find they no longer have to worry whether they are going to have a “bad eye day” or if they will actually be able to wear their lenses for that night out with their friends next week.

How can I find out more about KeraSoft® Thin?

Ask your eye care professional about this patented soft lens for irregular corneas. If you need to locate an eye care professional who is familiar with the lens, please click here.

What contact lens solution is recommended for KeraSoft® Thin lenses?

You can use multipurpose or peroxide solution with KeraSoft® Thin but it is best to check with your Eye Care Practitioner as to the best one for your particular eyes. Do NOT use alcohol based cleaners with KeraSoft® Thin.

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